lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

what I do during the day?

I get up at 8:00 a.m. bath, dress and breakfast, go away to urbe at 8:20 enter to classes, then I go out of class at 9:40 am going to the field to speak awhile with my friends, at 12 a.m. I am going to my house to have lunch, descanzo awhile and to her 1:00 I am going to classes again even them 03:05, then I go away to the gymnasium up to them 05:00 then at this hour am going to visit my girlfriend to his house up to them 08:00
Then I go home of a friend to playing video games until 11:00 of there go away to my house to sleeping until another day.

what I do the days of the week?

  • Every Monday I go to the work at 7:00 of the work come to my house at 12 a.m. and lunch and am going to play football in city at 3:30 and manage to sleep at 8:00.
  • Every Tuesday I go to classes of beginning two at 8:20, and go out at 9:40, then I am going to sleep even her 1:00 that I have Englishman's class until 3:05.
  • Every Wednesday I have class of psychology of the work at 8:20 with the teacher anna until 9:40, then at 6:00 I have accounting two with ricardo gomez until 7:20
  • Every Thursday I see statistics one at 3:05 until 5:10
  • Every Friday I have the day off and am going to have lunch to the sambil at 12:00 and then I am going to the cinema at 5:00 with my girlfriend.

mother´s day

Mom, on this day I wish a lot of congratulations you, love you too much and wait that stay always to my side, you are the better thing and beautiful of my life without you not that serious of my.
Mom are the being mas specially of my life, are the light that lights my way, that me guide, who me rests on the good thing and on the bad thing, I love and hope for you that you last all my life to my side, are my idol to continuing.

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Hello, World!

Welcome to my blog.... This is my first blog. Here, I am going to post my class work.

My name's Gerardo Bozo. I'm from Venezuela, Maracaibo. I'm a student in URBE. I go to Business School. I'm 20 years old and I'm in the 2nd level of the English pogram.

This is a video of my city... Maracaibo.. The music is called gaita.

well, I hope you like my work... leave a comment!

Do good and no matter what!!!